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   23 March, 2004


about our firm/our history

Our history

Louie Wu & Co is a registered certified public accountants practice in Hong Kong which was set up in early 1993 by Mr. Louie Wu, the sole proprietor. Our firm provides a wide range of professional services including auditing, taxation, accounting, corporate services, management consulting, special investigations, business recovery, financial analysis and planning and insolvency related services.

Business of our firm expanded quickly and our clientele encompass various industries of various sizes including garment and textiles, electronic products and toys, plastics products, paper products, leather goods, construction, medicine and medical equipment, printing equipment, metalware, jewellery, travel agents, container transportation, money exchange, law firm, art design, interior design, courier services, IT consultants, insurance consultants, engineering, building management, property holding and investment, investment holding, charitable organization, overseas companies and so on.



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