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   23 March, 2004


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Auditing services

Auditing is a process of checking the accounting and financial information of a company against prescribed auditing standards and generally accepted accounting principles for the purpose of forming an opinion on the state of the company's affairs as at the balance sheet date and the results and cash flow for the period then ended.

A timely audit of your company's financial information is of utmost importance to meet statutory and regulatory requirements. The Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong requires submitting an audited accounts together with the Profits Tax Return filed to the Department. The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance requires the company's board of directors to have the company's accounts audited periodically. An audited accounts is also needed by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong on transfer of the company's shares and for estate duty calculation. Other users, such as banks and finance companies, also rely on the audited accounts to serve their different purposes.

Our audit goes beyond simply fulfilling the statutory and regulatory requirement for an independent and objective audit. During the course of our audit, we can have an understanding of your company's operational and managerial systems and internal controls. We will then evaluate your company's systems and controls against our experience of best practice to identify and highlight areas of potential weakness and risks. Whereas there are areas which have scope for improvement, we will work with you to find practical solutions. This not only safeguards the resources of your company, but also improves the operational efficiency of your company.



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